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Another Arctic Monkeys blog because, well they move in ways , that keep them there , in our minds for days and weeks and months.
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“looks like she had the best seat in the house!”


omg Alex
Interviewer: What was the first song that the two of you wrote together that made you think "This really does work"?
Alex Turner: For me it was when we discovered that ous mums have got the same kettle and toaster. Seriously. And they have the same aura. They're very similar women. We're both only children, too.
Miles Kane: His mum brought me this bottle of red wine [produces from bag said wine, an Australian red called Rascals Prayer]. She's just dead funny and kind. When you've been brought up the same way by similar mums I guess it helps the chemistry.

Sexy bitch


Alex Turner is ugly.

April Fools

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